Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021

Foodtech Summit

Coaching, Feedback, 1:1 with CJ 

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SKIW 2021

Green Transition

The theme of this year's event will be Green Transition, a topic of rapidly increasing importance that affects every industry from transportation, to food, to fashion and others. The 2021 SKIW includes a virtual summit for Swiss foodtech startups which is sponsored by CJ CheilJedang, a global food company headquartered in Korea. Notably, CJ acquired the Schwan Food Company in the United States in 2019 and currently operates an innovation center at Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Lighting Up Ventures will provide coaching for five Swiss Foodtech Startups who will participate in the Virtual Summit and in follow-up meetings with CJ. The companies will be selected in late April, and they will receive feedback on their business plans and materials throughout May, to participate in the summit in June. After the summit, the companies will continue to receive support in preparation for their one-on-one meetings with CJ.

The program for the Swiss Startups will culminate with a pitch to CJ in the weeks following the SKIW. Lighting Up Ventures will focus on helping the startups understand the Korean business environment and help them improve their attractiveness to CJ, as well as to other global food companies they may want to do business with in the future.

SKIW 2021 FoodTech Summit

Coaching Program


  1. Provide a business review to selected Swiss startups with coaching and guidance for their business plans, presentations, and pitches to potential partners
  2. Provide the Swiss companies with valuable insights into the Korean market, including habits and preferences for business development
  3. Aid selected startups in preparing for their one-on-one pitches to CJ CheilJedang


In the three coaching sessions, we will focus on the core elements of communication and strategy for foodtech startups that are looking to collaborate with large established players in the food industry, such as CJ CheilJedang, the program's sponsor.

The startups will receive background information on Korea, and on both the historical development and current market outlook for CJ. While the startups are seeking to enter Korea through a collaboration with CJ, the end users for the partnership are likely to be distributed around the globe.

Session 1

May 7

Webinar: How do Swiss companies fit in the narrative and growth strategy of a global Korean company?

Session 2

May 21

Webinar: What can Swiss companies do to provide a healthier and more enjoyable life to Korean consumers and beyond?

Session 3

June 4

Virtual Summit: What is the future of foodtech in Korea and how can Swiss innovations play a role in healthier, more sustainable food production?

Session 4

June 18

Webinar: How can Swiss foodtech companies find, and effectively engage with their ideal partner?

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