We are an impact innovation agency

We are experienced at launching new technologies to market, from enterprise IT solutions, to electronics, and laboratory spinoffs. We have extensive work experience with corporations, governments, technology startups, and networks covering the globe with some of the world’s best educational institutions.

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Team Melixir in CA

Hana Lee (left), Melixir founder and CEO

We work with entrepreneurs, CEOs, and ambitious executives that want more than just business-as-usual.

We help you drive adoption of new technologies and business models, to change society and the economy for the better. With our experience in difficult markets with challenging problems, we will help you set a strategy and collaborate with your team, grow into the market through digital marketing, and measure your impact.

We provide guidance


Determine priority markets through extensive research


Synthesize strategy based on product fit


Form partnerships that capitalize on strengths


Execute the appropriate marketing and sales plan

Work with us

Mario and Hyesun meeting entrepreneurs in Peru

Our Approach

We ensure founders can do their best work, by helping them find and test what works.


A digital strategy requires the right tools and strategies. We help you get started with simple, lightweight tools, and guide you and your team in setting the appropriate goals.


Stand out from the crowd and reach a wider audience. Get the right content through the right channels and build your brand and expand your business network.

Measurable Impact

We have worked with small and large companies, helping teams take a human-centered approach to drive adoption of innovative products, services, and business models.

"Thank you so much! It wouldn't have been this successful without your help."

Hana Lee 
CEO at Melixir Vegan Skincare

Start executing with us.