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NextRise 2021

NextRise 2021 Shows Industry Trends

On June 28-29, the Korean International Trade Association (KITA) and Korean Development Bank (KDB) held the annual NextRise global exhibition and conference, bringing together startups, venture capital firms, and established industry from all over the world. The event hosted 673 startups, 116 large and medium sized companies, and 42 venture investment firms. Science offices, embassies, and universities were also represented in large numbers. Along with 3 stages and multiple conference rooms hosting speakers from around the world, there was always something to keep attendees occupied.

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Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021

Swiss Science & Technology Office in Seoul is part of Swissnex and will host the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021 with a focus on Green Transition. Today, more than ever, it is important to transition our economy to more sustainable patterns of production, consumption, and transportation. We can no longer ignore the impact that the private sector can has on the environment and on society. Attendees will be able to hear about practical solutions that are relevant, and sometimes unique, to the innovation networks and collaborations between Switzerland and Korea. The events will take place from  June 1 to June 4, with some being open to the general public.

Lighting Up Ventures is proud to partner with the Swissnex Seoul team for two events during this week: Impact Makers and the Virtual Summit. 

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