Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021

Swiss Science & Technology Office in Seoul is part of Swissnex and will host the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021 with a focus on Green Transition. Today, more than ever, it is important to transition our economy to more sustainable patterns of production, consumption, and transportation. We can no longer ignore the impact that the private sector can has on the environment and on society. Attendees will be able to hear about practical solutions that are relevant, and sometimes unique, to the innovation networks and collaborations between Switzerland and Korea. The events will take place from  June 1 to June 4, with some being open to the general public.

Lighting Up Ventures is proud to partner with the Swissnex Seoul team for two events during this week: Impact Makers and the Virtual Summit. Impact Makers will take place on June 2nd and consists of a social entrepreneurship game for university students. Dr. Steve Ahn designed the game and will be leading the session. Dr. Ahn is a professor at KAIST's Startup Institute and K-School. Students in Switzerland and Korea interested in entrepreneurship, social impact, and sustainability can sign up to participate in this online program. Mario Garcia-Lee from Lighting Up Ventures will be assisting during the game and will provide a brief presentation on how Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) are critical considerations to raise funding from investors and for consumers when they are considering new technologies and products. There will also be prizes for the winners of the game to be announced soon. 

The Virtual Summit will take place on June 4th. A group of Swiss startups offering innovative solutions in foodtech will be exploring the South Korean market as a keyhole into global markets. Although Korea only has a population of 53 million people, it has seen great success in cultural exports like K-Pop, K-Dramas, and Oscar-winning feature films. Naturally, these cultural exports have been accompanied by a dramatic increase in food exports as people around the world are exposed to life in Korea and become interested in K-food as well. So what is the future of foodtech for Korea? How can Swiss innovations play a role in healthier, sustainable food production. Both for Korean market and for the world that will follow. Stay tuned for more information on the companies involved!





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