Melixir: Quality personal products using plant-based ingredients

Hana Lee founded Melixir in 2017 to develop healthy, sustainable skincare products that are plant-based without any toxic chemicals. The company had successfully launched in South Korea, and by 2019 was available in the United States as well through the company's own website and through the Urban Outfitters online store. Hana and her team were planning to expand their activities in the United States, and they identified the Bay Area as their first foothold with US consumers. Hana had participated in YCombinator in her past role at Memebox and so was already familiar with customers in that region. How would they strategize their event to drive brand awareness? 

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Hanyang University Summer Global Accelerator

Hanyang University: Helping startups with coaching and new connections

Hanyang University Center for Global Entrepreneurship cooperation networks with startup founders and professional mentors by teaching the live on-site experiences and practical skills for students and entrepreneurs of early startups.

Lighthouse joined the Summer Global Accelerator and Global Advisory Board to help leverage the existing partnerships and resources with innovation ecosystems around the world.

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