Our new home on the web.

When we launched a little over a year ago, we had targeted the higher education market with workshops and content for early-stage entrepreneurs. At this time, our domain was set to www.lighthouse.ac to reflect the educational nature of our products and higher education targeting.

Since then, we have made some significant changes to our offerings and target market. We have increasingly been working with companies at the seed stage and growth stage. This change has been gradual in the past few months, and in fact, when we had registered the company, we had always thought we would do work beyond higher education. For that, we had officially named the company "Lighting Up Ventures, Inc.", and the actual trade name we were operating in was "Lighthouse". 

If you have been following us on LinkedIn, you might have already noticed some confusion in the dual branding for Lighthouse and Lighting Up Ventures. On LinkedIn, we discovered another problem. There are many, many pages that include the word "lighthouse", and this makes it difficult for people to find us and tag us, so we had already started by making the change there. 

Another branding problem is that our educational programs have evolved into a service where we provide video lectures, templates, and workflows together with one-on-one coaching sessions and an online community in a private forum. Since our root domain was "lighthouse" we were struggling in our navigation, which had "coaching" in the navigation menu, but the content and community at forum.lighthouse.ac.

With this change, we can streamline navigation and site structure. Our educational activities will continue on as lighthouse, which you will be able to access at https://lighthouse.lightingup.xyz

Soon, you will also see our emails change to the new domain, so my email will be mario@lighthingup.xyz.

These changes will all happen seamlessly. We are routing all of the traffic from the old url's to the new ones, so any link you had used in the past will work and will forward you to the new site. (In fact, we are using a 301 redirect with a wild card. This means we retain our Google ranking, and that even new content will get re-routed to the new website.)

We still have work to do, and you will see us make incremental changes in navigation and images to make sure that everything is consistent. 

For now, just remember, we are at Lighting Up Ventures, and one of our main activities is to run the Lighthouse.

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