AMCHAM at NextRise 2021

Business networks are slowly warming to the thought of startups. For many years it has been undeniable that startups have brought great value to business and the world, but how to incorporate them in an ecosystem of 50-100+ year old companies, each with tens of thousands of employees, has proved a challenge.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, AMCHAM, has recognized this issue and has begun reaching out to the startup community to encourage more collaboration.

We caught up with AMCHAM Executive Director, Jooch Nam, former manager at WeWork Labs in Korea, at NextRise 2021, to discuss what AMCHAM is doing to help bring established companies and startups together.

AMCHAM is a business federation, founded to support American business interests, both in to and out of Korea. This includes helping businesses have access to the newest innovations, innovations that are often created by small, agile startups. Many of the startups trying to create that next wave of innovation were present at NextRise, and AMCHAM was there to learn about them and invite them to connect through their networks.

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