Impact Makers at Swiss-Korean Innovation Week 2021

Swiss-Korean Innovation Week Impact Makers 2021

On day 2 of this year’s Swiss-Korean Innovation Week “Green Transition,” Swissnex will be organizing “Impact Makers: Social Entrepreneurship Game for Students.” This three (3) hour event is open to all students in Switzerland and Korea that are interested in entrepreneurship, social impact, and sustainability.

Sustainability is a topic that is becoming more important with every passing minute. Founders these days must consider the environmental and social impact their companies will have. Here is a great opportunity to learn and think about sustainability in new ways and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills.

The game was designed by Institute for Startup KAIST Director, Professor Steve Ahn, and winning teams will receive mentoring and coaching to help further their endeavors.

Talk with your classmates and friends, make a team of three, sign up below, and come up with an idea that could change everything.

Sign Up Here

This event is being held with support from swissnex, KAIST, the Center for Social Value Enhancement Studies, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, and ImpactHub Zürich.

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