Impact and Entrepreneurship

Ramon Sanchez of Harvard University delivers a workshop on impact-driven entrepreneurship.

In March 2019, Ramon Sanchez and Aleyda Villavicencio visited Seoul to give a workshop on entrepreneurship and impact for Lighthouse's Adventures 2019. Ramon and Aleyda work at the Harvard School of Public Health, and there, they assess the impact of publicly-traded companies and create strategies for sustainable investment portfolios.

In this workshop, Ramon introduces innovation ecosystems and shows entrepreneurs how to identify a problem, create a company, and implement their solution in the market. 

The first step is to create a business pitch and a business plan, even if it's short, to acquire the resources needed to begin building an impactful company. Then, he shows how the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals can be used as a powerful framework for entrepreneurs  to develop and implement their world-changing ideas. 



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