Do your best work.

We will help you find and test what works for you by blending modern business frameworks with practical workflows.

Explore and Experiment

Receive expert review on your business model, pitch deck, and other materials. We help develop a clear market hypothesis or prototype and use practical tools and frameworks to test in the real world.

Annual Membership : $649.00 

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The Membership Includes:

one-on-one coaching

One-on-one Coaching 

  • Two coaching sessions with our team
  • Consult and develop your business strategy
  • Determine the metrics needed for your business
business review

Pitch deck, business model, and website review

  • Get expert review with clear improvement points
  • Create the pitch you need for funding or partnerships
  • Present your company effectively

Members Forum

  • Ask questions and receive expert feedback
  • Download templates and how-to’s

  • Join an expanding community


Business Basics

Executive Summary and Pitch Deck

Domain, Homepage, Email

Product/Service Concept

Business Scenario & Conditional Plan


Market Development

Customer Interviews

Website and Landing Pages

Meetups & Hosted Events

Blog, Email, Social Media


Product Development

Conceptual Art

Proof of Concept

Functional Prototype

Scalable Prototype

Launch Delivery

Business Development




Industry Conferences and Mass Media

Demo Day and Competitions

Impact and Sustainability

Non-profit vs. For-profit

Sustainable Development Goals

Product & Service Impact

Business Operations Impact

Impact Assessments

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What People are Saying

"We really enjoyed and were impressed by Lighthouse’s sincerity, as if they were a part of our team. They were very active in providing feedback and gave us a lot of meaningful advice about our idea giving us the right directions to take when starting a business for the first time." Team DONUUT
"Mario and his team use their brains at the leading edge. They are wired to help people realize their entrepreneurial dreams." Sung Lee
"I’m moved that you answered very sincerely. Thank you. Your advice makes me think a lot about investment, investors and finance." Changjun CJay Kim
"I actually put a lot of Mario’s workshop into a plans for 2020. We have more consistency in our daily schedules, and our working tools, and we are also focusing a lot more on advanced planing and making sure that we have the tools and the processes in the place at the beginning of our business." Hannah Cox

How It Works

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1. Access Digital Content

Access the digital content and work through the sprints and worksheets.

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2. Get One-on-one Coaching

Schedule your first call for one-on-one coaching to review your website, pitch deck, and business model.

Test in the Real World

3. Test in the Real World

Make progress in the real market by implementing the templates and workflows provided. Schedule your second one-on-one session to review actual results, and plan next steps.


4. Interact with the Community

Continue the discussion with our team and other members. Ask questions, get feedback, and suggest topics for new contents.



Our content consists of brief videos that explain key topics that are relevant to business in the digital age. This will help you focus and stay productive with simple, profound explanations of critical issues for your business, together with templates and workflows so that you can implement right away.


We will work with you one-on-one with private coaching sessions to help you apply lesson contents in a manner that is specific to your business, and the help you work through problems that you are facing in a practical way by generating real evidence to help you decide your optimum strategy.


In our message boards, you can meet some of the other entrepreneurs and professionals that are working through similar problems. You can leverage the knowledge and resources of a larger community of people like you to collaborate across the globe, and be successful together in achieving your goals.