Innovation in Switzerland and South Korea

Innovation in Switzerland and South Korea

Learn more about the cooperation in R&D and innovation between Switzerland and Korea. We have Alessandra Apicella and Laura Acosta from science and technology office Seoul at Swiss embassy.

Innovation in Switzerland and Korea


What does Science and Technology Office Seoul do

Science and Technology office Seoul at embassy of Switzerland is a part of Swissnex, which has 21 offices all around the world and 5 big offices in Boston, San Francisco, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore and Shanghai. They connect the dots between Switzerland and the rest of the world, in terms of science, technology, and innovation with the government and every relevant stakeholders including researchers, startups, and companies interested in innovation activities.

What are the similarities and incompatibilities on the overall research environment and innovation between Switzerland and Korea?

They are comparable in some aspects, but they are complementary. Swiss has been confirmed again as #1 in global innovation from World IP Organization. The level of investment in kind of R&D Switzerland is trying to invest in basic science and research, Korea is more into applied science and commercialization around that research. These are complementary aspect of the two countries.

They have difference in research funding. In, Switzerland private sector and the universities are the major investors, and government rarely invest in research compare to Korea. Whereas, in Korea, the investment is largely driven by the government.

Where the strength of the Swiss economy comes from

1.Academia reflecting local industry

Switzerland has a robust economy with specialities following region such as biotech in Basel, watchmaking in Neuchatel. The universities including ETH, EPFL, Empa, and Paul Scherrer Institute reflect this regional strength. Also, these institutes are indirect contact with the government. Research developed their represent the strategic domains for research from the Swiss government. 

2. Low unemployment rate with dual education system

Switzerland has the unemployment rate of lower than 3%, which comes from their education system. They have dual education system with high education and vocational training. Students can choose between two paths, which has no difference in level but have different direction. 

3. Diversity in the society

Also their Internationalization level makes their economy more strong and special. What happened in Switzerland is the biggest of the immigrant's history, and immigrants are now big part of the society. Switzerland gives the opportunity according to the competency, not to the nationality.

Korea is trying to attract more foreigners, and in terms of research and innovation, differences coming from the culture riches the context. Switzerland can be ration in this direction to Korea to reinforce the institute of basic science. 


Visit S&T office Seoul center website to find relevant events and resources, and join Science Club held by S&T office Seoul every 2 months. 

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