Building the Bridge: Business in France and Korea

Are you a French company interested in entering Korean market, or are you a Korean company interested in French market, or are you interested in both markets? If yes, you'll get to know how to take your first step from our last conversation with Isabelle Morin.

Building the Bridge-business in France and Korea

Webcast Ep17 - Building the Bridge: Business in France and Korea



- “French” vs. “Korean” : Cultural perception of France/French in Korea / vice-versa

- Cooperation projects between Korea and opportunities to get funding from both countries; especially in relation with environment and sustainable development


- Asiance refers themselves as Brand Tech Company, and starting to move into as advanced model of digital agency. Understanding the ecosystem and innovation in Korea was getting more important. 

- Agency's no longer taking a traditional role of making a website, but engaging more with leadership and strategy with overall vibe that the company has. 

- What does trying to do communications and marketing strategy under the context of cultural understanding as a French brand in Korea?

- Ways to interact with French market:

1. Talk to Asiance for professional services.

2. For community-based interaction, especially startups, come to French Tech events.

3. The embassy and chamber of commerce have many events around different industries or themes that are accessible to learn about France and begin meeting people.


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