Ari Raz : Once Upon a Farm

Ari Raz

On this episode of Launch with LUV, we invited Ari Raz, and he shared his experience to grow Once Upon a Farm. He got the idea to start a healthy baby food company watching his brother is feeding his son, and now he made his business to grow a lot since then, feeding his own child with Once Upon a Farm. Watch how he met his co-founders, got help from people in the various fields, and got his first large sales.

Ep 22 Ari Raz



07:00 What makes Once Upon a Farm unique within the baby food category

10:10 How to produce VS Where to produce. Which is more eco-friendly?

11:48 Organic, plant-based food trend and movement

17:00 How did he find his co-founder

27:02 How hard it is to get a good partnership

29:53 Another round of co-founders and growing team: Jennifer Garner joining the company

42:02 Stunning team page of Once Upon a Time

46:45 What was your first sale like? When did you know you had “made it”?

54:00 What was it that got Whole Foods to say “Yes”?

59:50 Collaboration with TOMS


“It’s been quite a road. Getting those initial partnerships together consumer package goods industry in general is a lot of initial relationships driven, you have network, you have to go to the trade shows, find and develop friendships and relationships, and partnerships you can. They are so fundamental to build anything.”

“Finding a co-founder is almost like a jig-saw puzzle. Someone who will be there with you, really needs provide the value that you can’t provide, so that they can give to the space that you can focus on what you are good at while you give them that space to focus on what they’re good at going forward similar goals.”

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