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Do you need VC funding?

With interest rates still at an all-time low, money is looking for new places to get returns. As a result, people are looking into markets they previously considered too risky or volatile. Money has gone from bonds to the public markets, from public markets to private markets, and within the private markets, is getting pushed to earlier and earlier stage investing. This, and the success of previous funds amongst other reasons, is causing valuations to explode and capital to be cheaper than ever.

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Describe the problem you are solving

The inspiration to found a company comes from many places. Maybe you experienced something inconvenient or saw something and thought, “I can do better.” The common thread is that all companies were, and are, created to solve a problem. Most founders, however, are also crap at explaining what that problem is.

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Connect with industry through universities

Many people think startups are all about the idea or product. While this is without question very important, execution is arguably more important. It does not matter how great an idea or product is if you can’t get it into the hands of the people who will use it. This, of course also relies on defining the target audience properly and determining what product they actually need.

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