Hanyang University
Global Startup Conference

8 December 2020
Online via Zoom

The Hanyang University Global Startup Conference is for university students and early-stage entrepreneurs to learn key issues in market entry strategy, growth, and impact for their technology startups and social ventures. The speakers are founders, amplifiers, and investors from the innovation ecosystems of Hanyang University, South Korea, and the world.

This one-day conference is designed to contribute to creating a support system of mentors, investors, and amplifiers to continue to support the startups at Hanyang University and will be able to cooperate with the Hanyang Startup Support Foundation throughout the upcoming year. 

Session 1 | Startup A to Z: Building a Tech Startup
10:30am – noon

Building a tech startup is exciting, and it can be very rewarding. It is also a long road that requires hard work. Henry and Peter will share their stories of how their companies developed from idea to growth to maturity.



Peter Servaas

Founder of Double Map

In college, Peter was the student body president, and at that time, he first started to work on his big idea. He worked on his startup for a period of about 10 years. Peter carried the company through its inception and growth, and he was able to conduct sales to major technology companies like facebook, google, and Nike. Then, he also started selling to cities and universities. They received offers to be purchased, but instead he bought out his cofounders, merged with another company, and then at a later time sold to Ford Motor company.

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Henry Lanham

Henry Lanham

Cofounder of WAI Wear

Henry has worked in startups in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. He has worked in sales roles, leading small teams. In the past two years, he has switched from software sales toward e-commerce, and that is the journey he is currently on. There is a contrast with what he saw in the tech and software world vs. e-commerce. In e-commerce, it is much more difficult to gain traction, and there are difficulties in being able to make a living off it to work on it full time.

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Poison Frogs and Cold Showers

After the presentations, we had a great chat with Henry, Peter, and Jose Ramos (the upcoming speaker for Session 2) about daily habits and how to overcome challenges that entrepreneurs face. 

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Session 2 | Startup A to Z: How to Go Global Successfully

Over the past three months, they have actively mentored startups, including those hosted by the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation, and they will share with us all the general lessons to be learned to be globally successful. The three speakers have a common experience in connecting startups and innovators at the grassroots level to collaborate, sell to, and raise funds from world class institutions.

Colin Allison

Colin Allison

Program Director, Startupbootcamp

Colin Allison is a strategist for venture building and product development. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies and startups alike to help them grow.

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Jose Ramos

Program Director, MIT ILP

Jose Ramos has consulted with startups and laboratory spinoffs at MIT, and he has also participated in several programs to promote and support entrepreneurship in South Korea. He will speak about the general competitiveness of the startups he has seen in South Korea compared to the best that top tech ecosystems have to offer.

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Zahin Hussain

Zahin Hussain

Consultant & Strategist, UNDP

Zahin previously managed the HUGE Ventures program at Hanyang University. In her current role, she is helping to connect innovators and entrepreneurs to global ecosystems, particularly in the Toronto area where she is now residing.

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What the three speakers share in common is their experience connecting startups and innovators at the grassroots level to rise to the level of collaborating with, selling to, and fundraising from world class corporations and institutions. Over the past three months, they have actively mentored startups, including those hosted by the Hanyang University Startup Support Foundation, and they will share with us all the general lessons to be learned to be globally successful. 

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Session 3 | Case Study: Impact Startups for a Sustainable Society

Azalea graduated from Harvard University with a Master of Science in Environmental Epidemiology, and two years later, she started Du Anyam to work closely with the talented women who embody centuries of authentic craftsmanship to produce a wide range of goods infused with cultural values. Du Anyam is a brand built upon the values of its founders that economically empowers and improves the health of these women in rural areas around Indonesia. The three pillars of Du Anyam are: Empower Women, Promote Culture, and Improve Lifelihood. Listen in to hear more about Azalea's story, the current challenges her company is facing, and the resources available for companies like Du Anyam to scale their impact.

Session Introduction

Mario Garcia-Lee and Eric Kim briefly introduce themselves. They will be joined by Colin Allison from the previous session in providing feedback to Du Anyam on their next stage of scaling.

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Azalea Ayuningtyas

Co-founder and CEO of Du Anyam
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Colin, Eric, and Mario listened to the Dun Anyam presentation and provided actionable feedback for implementation across business model, technology solutions, and financing strategy. 

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Session 4 (in Korean) | Case Study: Korean Startups Going Global 


Andy Choi

CEO, Quotabook
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Natalie Cho

Associate, IMM Investment
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Eric Kim

Solutions Engineer, Sendbird
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Natalie, Eric, and Andy Choi span a range of experiences including investment, engineering, strategy, and product development. Throughout their career, they have moved in their roles to work in Korea, Silicon Valley, and other parts of the world. They will be introducing their companies, their background, and insights into their everyday work and life building and supporting startups. These three cases will serve as examples, and role models, for students and entrepreneurs to consider the various paths that their careers can take, and the skills and resources they will need to be successful. The full session will be delivered in Korean. 


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