Hanyang University



  1. Participating early stage startups will determine their appropriate business models and unique value proposition

  2. Startups will learn the tools they need to expand their network and create compelling pitches 

  3. Startups will determine their appropriate method for expansion

  4. Participants will receive materials and reviews to assist in the creation of pitch decks and executive summaries.


Bootstrapped startups are often celebrated in the media, but for many fields, particularly regulated industries, this is not always possible. This reality necessitates the ability to raise funds and convincing others to fund you requires a compelling story. Lighting Up Ventures has created a curriculum to help early-stage startups in this endeavor.

The first session focuses on selecting the appropriate business model and creating the company’s story. The following session covers how to distill the company down to its essence and create a 10- 15 slide pitch deck that can be used for fundraising or to find partners.

In the third session, startups will review the decks created after session 2 and go over how to incorporate revisions and suggestions into the next version of the pitch deck. Just as startups are constantly changing, the pitch decks must also constantly be updated.

Following these three sessions, the startups will begin their outreach. Using what they have learned from the previous three sessions, the founders will craft an investor outreach strategy and pipeline, and send their compelling emails and pitch decks.

The focus is to provide an opportunity for startups from Hanyang University’s Startup Support Program to gain experience networking, making informal pitches, and securing meetings for follow on discussion with potential investors or partners. This is much easier when the startups are able to clearly and concisely pitch and explain what they do.

Participating startups will receive
  • A one-year membership to Lighting Up Ventures including exclusive content and online office hours
  • A comprehensive business model review
  • Two, 90-minute 1-on-1 sessions with the Lighting Up Ventures team to discuss issues specific to your startup


The program will run from August 25th through September 17th.
All sessions will be online via Zoom.


Aug 25 10-11:30am Session 1
Aug 31 10-11:30am Session 2
Sept 2 10-11:30am Session 3
Sept 3-17 Ongoing Launch Outreach Campaign