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Ecosystem development

Communicating and facilitating with ecosystem partners for Hanyang University, one of the leading private research universities in the field of engineering based in South Korea.

Hanyang Summer Accelerator
Hanyang University

Hanyang University Center for Global Entrepreneurship cooperation networks with startup founders and professional mentors by teaching the live on-site experiences and practical skills for students and entrepreneurs of early startups.

Lighthouse joined the Summer Global Accelerator and Global Advisory Board to help leverage the existing partnerships and resources with innovation ecosystems around the world.

Expanding Collaborations

Hanyang University Center for Global Entrepreneurship already had a network of strong relationships in all continents. While very strong in establishing partnerships and administrative links, the collaboration was limited to join conferences together and student exchange programs.

Hanyang University wanted to expand this to beyond these two things and into collaboration not just in conferences and research but in technology development and product development. Entering markets as well as providing a support system for startups from partner universities to use as a location were they can investigate the local markets in-person and online.

Especially with limitations in global travel, virtual collaboration to work with the population of graduate students and entrepreneurs to help them get a signaling under the market as become crucial.

Expanding Collaborations

Key Results 

Lighthouse started last year by mentoring 14 startups, providing business model review, coaching and new connections. In addition to this, we facilitated in sharing infrastructure and resources among partners in order move innovations into the market and helping the university startup and spinoffs grow into these new markets.

We also participated in Hanyang's Global Conference to leverage these traditionally administrative relationships and expanding them to include collaborations among students and mentors.

At the same time we created a stronger link with Boston and through our advisor, Jose Ramos. From this year, Jose will directly help the startups at Hanyang, taking on phone calls giving feedback and sharing resources to the entrepreneurs.

Coaching Gwihwan Moon
Mentoring GDF Labs

Coming Up

This year while continuing to provide coaching and mentoring to startups, we are helping Hanyang move the Global Accelerator Conference on May 20, 2020, online. The conference will be held with a live audience of 200 students simultaneously broadcasting it as a webinar through Zoom.

Jose will also be joining the us at the conference with a live broadcast to Hanyang students explaining what is happening in MIT and what are the changes in the market today.

We will continue to help Hanyang expand their abilities to collaborate with people in Boston, helping them move through this digital transformation. In addition,  collaborating with the technology licensing office at Hanyang to help them find companies that can license the unique advanced materials and other technologies that the university is producing.

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